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Hey. I'm Jamie.

A business centric Product Manager who loves converting concepts into code, and code into valuable user focused products.

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Case Studies

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Opens Behance

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NASA & SpaceX Concept Platform

My Role: Product Design

This was a concept case study focused on problem solving and Product design. This project outlines the scientific and social-emotional issues astronauts will face. I then built out a concept platform to track, analyse, and help astronauts prepare for Mars missions.

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Impulse Social Commerce Platform

My Role: Co-Founder & Head of Product

This case study delves into the transformation from concept, to development, design and into release of my start-up, Impulse. I delve into how I managed our developers, built out information architecture, and then highlight the customer focused design process used.

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NotLost SaaS Lost Property Platform

My Role: Product Manager

This case study looks at my role reporting to the Head of Product, supporting on a large enterprise project, as well as leading the core branch. I outline the problems we were trying to solve and the technical features used to release our product on time, and on budget.

Concept Designs

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Opens Dribbble

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A few key skills

Still not sure whether to make me a part of the team? I don't blame you. Here's some info to help paint the picture:

JIRA & Linear


Scrum Development

Kanban Development


Front End Code


Basic HTML / CSS



Adobe XD


Team Dynamics


Developer Centric Approach

Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Data Analysis


Looker & Mixpanel


Customer Focused


End-to-End User Empathy

Say Hello
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Meet Jamie

I'm not currently looking for my next adventure, however drop by and say hello. Big fan of Ecommerce, Fintech, and SaaS. Always ready to learn and be challenged.

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