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Travel Exemption Evidence for Rebecca Dipple

This document outlines the evidence and information needed for a formal request of exemption to travel from Australia to the United Kingdom in January 2021. The information within this document is confidential and for use by the Australia Government to determine exemption application only.


1. Application contents

2. Reasons for needing to leave Australia now

3. Statement about Rebecca & Jamie’s relationship

3.1 When we met

3.2 How long we have been together in a committed relationship

3.3 How long we have been apart

3.4 Our plan together in London

4. Personal documents

4.1 Rebecca’s Australian & Swedish Passport

4.2 Jamie’s United Kingdom Passport

4.3 Rebecca’s finances to support herself

5. Evidence of De Facto Relationship

5.1 Evidence of photos together

5.2Evidence of gifts purchased for each other

5.3 Evidence of phone calls and messaging

6. Evidence of travel within Australia and internationally

6.1 Flights to London to/ from Netherlands 2018/2019

         6.2 Event tickets in the Netherlands

6.3 Rebecca & Jamie flights to Poland together November 2018

6.4 Accommodation evidence in Poland

6.5 Transport evidence in Poland

6.6 Jamie flight to Australia April 2019

6.7 Rebecca & Jamie flights to Japan October 2019

6.8 Accommodation evidence in Japan

6.9 Transport evidence in Japan

6.91 Rebecca & Jamie flights to Indonesia January 2020

6.92 Accommodation evidence in Indonesia

6.93 Rebecca flights to London June 2020

7. Social aspects of relationship

7.1 Mutual friends of Facebook

7.2 Rebecca’s messages with Jamie’s brother & mother

7.3 Jamie’s messages with Rebecca’s mother & brother

7.4 Group chap with mutual friends

7.5 Photos with our friends

8. How we are staying connected during COVID- 19

8.1 Letters

8.2 Phone Calls & Messaging

9. Evidence for my move to London

9.1 Evidence of Lease in London, United Kingdom

9.2 Evidence of approved placement London

Reasons for needing to leave Australia now

I am an Australian citizen requesting an exemption for travel to United Kingdom to reunite with my partner based on compassionate grounds. My partner and I would like to be reunited after being separated for 8 months (it will be 11 months by January 2021 when I plan on leaving Australia) and I would like to permanently move to the United Kingdom to live with my partner. I have outlined a strong case for this exemption below:

Reunification with de facto partner: my partner is a United Kingdom citizen, currently residing London, UK. Attachment 1 provides extensive evidence regarding the authenticity of our relationship, evidence of travel and time spent together, evidence of social aspects of relationship, evidence of my confirmed placement in London, evidence of my partners lease for us etc. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we had plans for me to move to London in June 2020 continue my studies there. The COVID-19 outbreak has drastically impacted these plans.

Financial support: As a result of COVID-19 I lost my job, this has been particularly difficult. We want the opportunity to live together and support each other financially.

Employment & Placement in London: I have already secured a placement in London for February 2021 in order to continue to studies over there. I will also be looking for work. 


Lease commencement agreement: My partner currently has a lease in a house in London I will be moving in with my partner.

Visa for England: At the point in time, as I have a Swedish passport, I do not need a visa to enter the United Kingdom.

Flight booking: I will be booking a flight if this exemption is approved.


For these reasons, I am appealing to the Australian government to grant me a travel exemption so that I can reunite with my partner and we can begin our life together. I understand the risks that I am taking, and would not request to leave unless it was absolutely necessary. I wish to make a permanent move overseas and do not intend to come back to Australia for the foreseeable future. Please let me know if you require any further evidence.

Statement about Rebecca & Jamie's Relationship

3.1 We first met when Jamie was living and working on the Gold Coast in Australia January 2015. We became close friends for 6 months, before Rebecca went travelling and Jamie decided to move back to London, UK.

3.2 However, our relationship properly began a few years later in 2018. Rebecca was studying overseas as part of her Undergraduate Degree in Utrecht, Netherland, whilst Jamie was working in Birmingham and London, UK. We got in contact again in September 2018 and began travelling to see each other between the Netherlands and the UK often between October 2018 – January 2019. Between us we took 8 different trips between the countries in this time, as well as a joint trip to Poland, and Rebecca staying with Jamie’s family in December and January 2018/2019. We have been in a committed relationship since December 2018.

In January 2019, Rebecca finished her undergraduate degree and moved back to Byron Bay, NSW. At this point we decided to commit to a long-distance relationship, with the eventual goal to be living in London together, or back on the Gold Coast (depending on Jamie’s work). From January 2019, Jamie flew to Australia from London to see Rebecca during April – May 2019. Jamie was living with Rebecca and her family in Byron Bay, NSW. During this trip we both spent time on the Gold Coast, QLD with Rebecca’s friendship group, but also with Jamie’s friends from when he lived in Australia. It has always been important to Rebecca, that Jamie integrate well with her family and friends and become a deep part of her Australian life, so two spend a month together in Australia, at concerts, dinners, trips with friends, but also living day to day life with Rebecca’s family was a fantastic experience, and more importantly a great checkpoint for our growing relationship together.

Our next trip together was in October 2019. Rebecca flew from Australia, and Jamie flew from the UK, to Japan. We spent 3 weeks travelling around Japan. We financed the trip together and organised all the trips, flights, trains, accommodation, and events together. After this trip, we organised our next trip quickly. We met again in Indonesia in late January and early February 2020, to spend over two weeks travelling around the country. Again, finances, flights, accommodation were organised together. During this trip we discussed and began planning the next time we would see each other – we never wanted to go more than 3 to 4 months without seeing each for an extended period during our long-distance relationship.

3.3 We had began booking flights and events for Rebecca to visit Jamie in London and live with him from June 2020. We had booked tickets for events in the Netherlands, Rebecca was organising flights for us both to see her extended family in Sweden, as well itineraries for trips and events to be taken in the UK, in a Google Doc. Due to COVID-19, this time together did not materialise. Everything we had planned for the future, has been set back and by the time we hope to be back together in January 2021 it will be over 11 months since we last saw each other. The only silver lining to this time apart, is that we have accelerated our desire to be co-habituating permanently.

3.4 The opportunity for Rebecca to continue her Master’s education in London and work, and to be living with Jamie whilst he works in London is not only exciting but necessary to our ongoing relationship. We are desperate to take this next step together, as we work towards our eventual goal of living back in Australia together within the next 2-3 years.

During our time apart, we have spent everyday working on ourselves and our relationship together. We talk everyday either by messenger, phone call, or video calls. Our lives are fully entwined even though we live 9 to 11 time zones apart and we make the effort consistently to make time, send gifts, communicate, and bridge the gap between us anyway we can.





We both have sent endless letters, gifts, packages, and small items to stay connected. Often, these surprises must include wider family to keep gifts for birthdays and Christmas safe until they are ready for us to open.

It is important to mention how difficult a situation we have been balancing: this is due mainly because Rebecca has been in the process of completing her Undergraduate Degree and her Master’s Degree in Australia; whilst Jamie has been working full time in the UK. This has given us limited opportunity to find space to make consolidated trips to each other’s home country. Instead, from a financial and creating time point of view (and because we both love travelling) have made the effort to spend our time together when we can in new countries. This has again helped us get to know each other at depth, spending all our time exploring and learning from, and about each other, during these trips.

It is no understatement how difficult long distance is, both emotionally as a couple, but also individually. We have learnt to co-operate through difficult distant phases and become efficient at planning and working together future trips and long-term goals together. Long distance has forced us to evaluate our lives carefully and work hard to be there for one another. It is clear that our relationship is going from strength to strength and now we are both ready to take this compassion, love and care that we share from a distance to everyday shared lives, living together in the UK from January 2021 onwards.

Personal Documents

4.1 Rebecca's Australian & Rebecca's Swedish Passport

RD Passports.jpg

4.2 Jamie's United Kingdom Passport


4.2 Evidence of Rebecca's finances to support herself


Evidence of De Facto Relationship

5.1 Evidence of photos together - Rebecca & Jamie


Australia - May 2019


Japan - October 2019


Netherlands - January 2019


Indonesia - January 2020


Poland - November 2018


Netherlands - December 2018


UK - December 2018


Australia - May 2019

5.2 Evidence of gifts purchased for each other

Screenshot 2020-09-25 102332.png

Christmas 2019 present from Jamie to Rebecca

Screenshot 2020-09-25 101857.png

Flower Delivery from Jamie to Rebecca 

Screenshot 2020-09-25 102243.png

Flower Delivery from Jamie to Rebecca for her birthday

5.3 Evidence of phone calls and messaging


Evidence of travel within Australia and Internationally

6.1 Flights to and from the Netherlands in 2018/2019

Jamie to see Bec in Netherlands.png

Jamie flight to the Netherlands to see Rebecca - Nov 2018

Jamie to see Bec in Netherlands Dec 2018

Jamie flight to the Netherlands to see Rebecca - Dec 2018

6.2 Event tickets in the Netherlands

Event Netherlands.png

Jamie ticket to the same event

6.3 Rebecca & Jamie flight to Poland November 2018

Bec and Jamie Krakow Flight.png

Jamie flight to Poland with Rebecca

6.4 Accommodation evidence for Poland trip


6.5 Care Hire in Poland

Poland Car Hire.png

6.6 Jamie's flight to Australia to visit Rebecca - April 2019

Australia flgiht.png

6.7 Rebecca and Jamie's flight to Japan - October 2019

Japan flight Bec.jpg
Jamie flight to see Bec in Japan Return.
Jamie flight to see Bec in Japan.png

Jamie flights to Japan to visit Rebecca

6.8 Accommodation Evidence in Japan 


6.9 Transport Evidence in Japan 

Japan Car Hire.png

Japan Car Hire

6.91 Rebecca & Jamie flights to Indonesia - January 2020

Indo flight.png

Jamie flight to Indonesia to see Rebecca

6.92 Accommodation Evidence in Indonesia


6.93 Rebecca's flight to London June 2020


Social Aspects of the Relationship

7.1 Mutual Friends on Facebook


7.2 Rebecca's messages with Jamie's mother (Carol) and brother (Gareth)


7.3 Jamie's messages with Rebecca's mother (Marika) and brother (Jeremy)


7.4 Group chat with Mutual Friends


7.5 Photos with Friends


How we are staying connected during COVID-19

8.1 Letters


Recent Letters from Jamie to Rebecca

Recent Letters from Rebecca to Jamie

8.2 Phone Calls & Messaging


Evidence for Rebecca's move to London

9.1 Jamie's Housing Lease in London, UK. Rebecca will join this lease in January 2021


9.2 Evidence of Rebecca's placement approval in London for February 2021

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